PBS Family Travel in Los Angeles – We’re Having a Meet Up!

Hey there, all you Los Angeles Online Travel folk! What are you doing May 13 (that’s a Monday) at 7:00 PM? Oh, you’re going to be in Chile/Taiwan/Quebec for professional reasons. Whatever. Just say “I  don’t have plans for May 13 at 7:00 PM yet, Jen, what’s going on?” There. that’s better. Okay: for those of you IN town that day, LACOT has cooked up a fun, fine evening for us. So, prepare to mark your calendars.

PBS Family Travel Show coming to Los Angeles and Hotel Angeleno

A PBS crew — Family Travel with Colleen Kelly — are shooting two half-hour segments regarding, well, family travel in Los Angeles. Colleen Kelly’s PBS staff has requested a blogger meet-up, using it as an opportunity to talk up local travel for the busy summer season. Gee, I hope they know about Universal Studios Hollywood, it’s pretty obscure. Here’s more about the show:

About Family Travel with Colleen Kelly

Host and Travel Guide Colleen Kelly explores must-see locations & attractions throughout the U.S. and abroad, sharing expert travel tips and insights to create easier family vacations filled with once-in-a-lifetime memories. Airing nationally on Public Television in Spring 2013, each 30-minute episode offers a personalized, “exclusive” behind-the-scenes tour with an upbeat, high-energy delivery and pace that engages viewers from the start.  PBS has a national audience of 220 million.

The Hotel Angeleno is opening its doors to LACOT as a way to help Colleen Kelly and her TV crew meet Los Angeles-are bloggers. There will be cocktails, other drinks, and the assorted small plates passed around. Long-time members of LACOT may remember that we had a meet-up there once before.  We love the location; while it’s not calming to view the construction and mess of the 405 at this time (how long is that rehab going to take, anyway?) the Hotel Angeleno’s location can’t be beat. It’s ridiculously easy to get from the hotel to the Getty Center, Geffen Playhouse, Skirball Cultural Center and UCLA’s Fowler Museum. And you remember I mentioned that tiny, obscure family vacation destination called Universal Studios Hollywood? With the 405 adjacent to the Hotel Angeleno, the theme par is less than 30 minutes away. Check it out, I think it’s gonna be a big deal one day.

Hotel Angeleno at night for PBS Family travel Show in Los Angeles

Too long, didn’t read? Long story short, the next meet up for the Los Angeles Consortium of Online Travel is May 13 at 7PM, at the Hotel Angeleno. PBS Family Travel host Colleen Kelly and her television crew look forward to meeting us.


Hotel Angeleno

170 N Church Lane, LA, CA 90049


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2 Responses to PBS Family Travel in Los Angeles – We’re Having a Meet Up!

  1. Jen,
    Sounds like a great event. Wish we could be there but we are in Thailand (really!).
    We had an event in June at the Angeleno one year. Great views!
    Lisa and George
    We Said Go Travel

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