Jetset Extra Event at Union Station, Los Angeles

Hey everyone! First of all, the Luxe Hotel Sunset Boulevard would like to thank you — the LACOT event there last week was so much fun, and everyone involved at the hotel’s end was unilaterally impressed with how cool we all are. Virtual high five!

Secondly, there’s another travel event that I thought you should know about. It’s not a LACOT meetup; it’s being organized by another Los Angeles-area travel group. Jetset Extra has one of the slickest travel websites around: I read it and vicariously enjoy Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island, myself, but there’s something for every aspirational traveler on this trendy, video-heavy site. The Jetset Extra event is likely going to be just as hip and sophisticated as is the website.

Here’s the lowdown:

The Jetset Social will be at Union Station on Sunday, February 26, from 4PM – 8PM. A speakers’ panel, cocktails, and networking will make for a great night. The press release doesn’t say, but I’m assuming there’s some food, too. Gotta feed us travel bloggers! We’re a hungry bunch.

Here’s the blurb:

The globetrotting panel includes travel expert Johnny Jet of, Jeff Greif owner of, Stacy Dreyfus Founder of Orchid Worldwide Resorts and Escapes, go to travel guy of CTS Travel, James Densmore, Global adventurer Lee Abbamonte, and Ashley Colburn of Take Off with Ashley Colburn; Amy Swift Founder of SMARTY will moderate.

“It was really important to me that the panel speakers be in the travel trenches today,” says Mary Anne Been of Jetset Extra. “With communication and content moving so fast, our audience needs to hear directly from the people who are forging these new paths between the old and new media.”

Now, LACOT is one of the sponsors of this event, but there are a whole bunch of others. I’m talking the Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau (LA INC), Orchid Resorts & Escapes, Polkadot Cupcakes (snacks!) Burnett’s Vodka (…) and more. Our friend and compadre We Said Go Travel is also a first year sponsor of Jetset Social. This should be a good one, folks. For more info, go to Jetset Social. To register, go to Jetset Social Registration.

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