Meet Up at the Luxe Sunset Blvd Hotel

Luxe Sunset Blvd Hotel in Los AngelesHi there, fellow LACOTers! (Is that what we should be called? Jury’s out.) I’m happy to tell you that we have another fun event coming up: A meet-up, on February 2.

Just the facts, ma’am:

Date: February 2, 2012
Time: 6-8 PM
Place: Luxe Sunset Blvd Hotel, 11461 Sunset Blvd.
Special Guest: Johnny Jet

Please join us for this evening of hors d’oeuvres, wine, and conversation. We’ll hear a few words from our favorite local travel celebrity Johnny Jet, and those of us who so choose can have a quick tour of the Luxe Sunset Blvd Hotel. Right off the 405 on Sunset Blvd, this boutique hotel is one of west Los Angeles’ great little surprises. Great food and talented, creative barkeeps are a draw for locals, and the rooms are beautifully appointed. You’d never suspect that the Luxe Sunset Blvd Hotel sits on seven acres, so close to the 405 as it is.

And – shhh – there may be one or two other surprises in store for this evening’s gathering of like-minded travel lovers. Don’t ask; you’ll have to come to the meet-up to find out.

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4 Responses to Meet Up at the Luxe Sunset Blvd Hotel

  1. Diane Sukiennik says:

    What is the cost?

  2. Jennifer Miner says:

    This event is free for members of LACOT.

  3. Jennifer Miner says:

    Just show up, Jackie, and we’ll make room for you. :)

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