Los Angeles Online Travel Meet-up with WanderWe

Los Angeles Sprinkles Donuts

Mmm, donuts

Los Angeles Consortium of Online Travel members, we have our next meet up lined up for May 1st, and this one is going to be very different from all our previous LACOT shindigs. How does munching on Sprinkles cupcakes while taking in one of the most glorious views of Los Angeles sound to you? Sounds good to me, and that’s just one part of this next meet up for us Los Angeles-area travel writers and sundry tourism types. Let me introduce you to LACOT’s meet up host, WanderWe.

WanderWe is a new travel startup — founded a year ago — with a downtown LA office.  Briefly (because I’ll get more familiar with WanderWe at our get-together), it is billed as the only site which focuses on the short, close-to-home type of getaway and that makes it particularly unique in the travel space. WanderWe takes not only destinations but also budget and types of travel experience desired into account when creating itineraries. In other words (and remember, I’ll know more on May 1st, as will those of you who attend) WanderWe is not just hyperlocal for travel planners, but hyper-individualized too for long weekends and other short travel excursions.

Los Angeles Online Travel Meet-up with WanderWe

WanderWe Headquarters

WanderWe’s headquarters are on the 44th floor of City National Plaza in a large, beautiful space with views of the iconic Hollywood sign and the mountains. We should be able to enjoy a great sunset over downtown Los Angeles if the weather is clear…ah, who am I kidding, this is Los Angeles. The odds are forever in our favor. Best of all — parking will be covered for all LACOT guests! Love when that happens.

WanderWe HQ Entrance

Go righhhht…here

During the Los Angeles Online Travel Meet-up with WanderWe, WanderWe will have a bartender in their space, pouring red and whine wines, and beer. There’ll be some light appetizers as well as Mendocino Farms salads, cheeseboards (my favorite), the aforementioned Sprinkles cupcakes, and more. The folks at WanderWe told me that they know 7-9PM is prime dinner time and that they don’t want us travel bloggers/writers to be hungry! I like them already.

A View Los Angeles Online Travel Meetup with WanderWe

A WanderWe HQ view; surprised any work gets done at all here

I look forward to the Los Angeles Online Travel Meet-up with WanderWe and learning more about WanderWe. So far, the hyperlocality for quick getaways and promotion of travel oriented towards different preferred vacation styles (luxury, backpacking, family, etc) sound like a terrific idea. Having something so specific in the travel space will add to the overall value of the internet for those planning their travels online. I also look forward to those donuts.

LACOT/WanderWe meetup May 1, 2014, 7-9PM
WanderWe Headquarters
City National Plaza
515 S. Flower St, #4400


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